About us

Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union


Established 1929 (abolished during the Soviet occupation)
Re-established 1992


Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union is a non-profit organisation that brings together regional folk art and craft organisations as well as individual craftsmen and craftswomen.



The aim of the Union is to value, preserve and develop the traditions of Estonian handicraft and to treasure the regional characteristics of these traditions. The Union works to preserve folk craft as a cultural phenomenon as well as a source of subsistence.



In order to reach these objectives the Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union:


represents and unites individuals and organisations connected to handicraft in Estonia and in the rest of the world;
organises handicraft fairs and workshops, including Estonia’s largest traditional handicraft event, the St. Martin’s Day Fair in November and the Medieval Market in July;
organises courses for the regional coordinators, small handicraft entrepreneurs and others;
organises handicraft competitions and exhibitions;
publishes a newsletter twice a year and various other information materials and books on handicraft traditions;
various other activities.