St Martin´s Fair

Welcome to St. Martin’s Day Fair!
5-8 November 2020



Tallinn, Saku Suurhall
(Paldiski mnt. 104B, Tallinn)


Opening hours

Thursday 12-19
Friday 10-21 (Handicraft night 18-21)
Saturday 10-19

Sunday 10-16



Students, elderly 3€
Ticket 5€
Family ticket 10€


Additional information
phone nr 00 372 6604 772

St Martin’s Day Fair is Estonia’s largest handicraft and folkloristic lifestyle event!


Estonia’s best handicraft items are presented and sold at the fair, specialist workshops for handicraft lovers and crafts activities for children are organised. Demonstrations of handicraft products and presentations of new books take place. Visitors can eat Estonian traditional food and listen to various folk music groups.


St. Martin’s Day Fair always takes place during the weekend closest to St. Martin’s Day (10 November) from Thursday to Sunday. The event culminates with a special Friday evening programme- the Handicraft Night.


XXII St Martin´s Day Fair in Saku Suurhall



Breaking the Guinness record in building Himmeli




Thursday, 7th November


12.00 Opening of St Martin´s Day Fair

New masters of Certified Estonian Handicraft

New Products in St Martin´s Day Fair

New handicraft books

14.10 Hobbystudio ÕHIN

15.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Traditional skinwork – master Kristina Rajando

15.10 Hobbystudio ÕHIN

16.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Colouring with natural indigo – master Liis Luhamaa

17.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Muhu embroidery – master Alliki Oidekivi

17.10 Instrumental group Leesikad

18.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Traditional woolwork – master Julika Roos



Friday, 8th November


11.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Traditional women belt making – master Maret Lehis

11.10 Introductin of Technology schools

12.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Traditional Kihnu men jacket – master Elly Karjam

13.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Traditional skinshoes – master Inna Raud

13.10 Helle, children ja karmoshka

14.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Traditional basket weaving – master Margus Rebane

14.10 The final of Kedrafest (Pottery festival)

15.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Weaving on looms – master Veinika Västrik

15.10 Really old music instrument – Hiiukannel

16.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Bone-needlecase making – master Monika Hint

16.10 Tuuleviiul


Handicraft NIGHT


Folk costumes


Strong rif-folk – RIFFARRICA




Saturday, 9th November


11.00 Presentation of masters

11.10 Peenid Sõrmed

12.00 Presentation of masters

12.10 Harju KEK band

13.00 Presentation of masters

14.00 Presentation of masters

14.10 Harju KEK band

15.00 Presentation of masters

16.00 Presentation of masters

16.10 VaRes

17.00 Presentation of masters

18.00 Presentation of masters

18.10 VaRes



Sunday, 10th November


11.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Traditional birch-bag making – master Andres Rattasepp

12.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Sock-knitting- master Anu Pink

13.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Stick-lace making – master Angelika Nöps

13.10 Folkband Reevele

14.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Traditional wintercoat making – master Made uus

14.10 Children folkband Uurikad

15.00 Shortmovie about handicraft techniques. Haapsalu lace-scarf making – masters from Haapsalu




bus 21 “Balti jaam-Landi”

bus 21B “Balti jaam- Kakumäe”

bus 22 “Väike-Õismäe-Estonia”

bus 41 “Balti jaam- Landi”

bus 41B “Balti jaam- Kakumäe”

bus 42 “Väike-Õismäe-Kaubamaja”

bus 43 “Väike-Õismäe-Balti jam”

bus 46 “Väike-Õismäe-Kivisilla”

The Tallinn Helpline number is +372 603 1345 and short number is 1345

Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS 24-hour information +372 643 4142



St. Martin`s Day Fair 2018_ watch the video